Sunday, February 14, 2010

#6 The Awkward Dance

So one of my brand reps, Mr. Ukiah Bogle, and I like to awkward dance when there are no customers at Pac Sun. The other day I decided to video tape it and now as a kind of farewell for now I've included the youtube link (Yes, I now have a YouTube site). Just so you have something to keep you company while I'm in New Zealand. Pass my site onto your friends and I'll see in a couple weeks.!v=E-01F_A1Djg

And if that link doesn't work just search "pacsun awkward dance" on

Also Ukiah Bogle is part of this kick ass band from Boise, Idaho called We Won the Science Fair. You all should check them out, add them on myspace, buy their sweet t-shirts, and just plain support a good local band.