Monday, September 20, 2010

Why I rock and my life is better than yours?

Alright so obviously I'm a little bias on my quality of living but my life is amazing. Why? Because I'm 100% invested in the overall day to day improvement of it. Most of you don't know this but I have a list, call it a "bucket list" if you want but I got the idea myself without any conscious external influence from Hollywood. Actually, absolutely do not call it a bucket list...I hate that name.

Here are the rules:
1) Each month I check off something on my list.
2) Once it is on the list, it must be completed to be checked off.
3) List item must be documented.
4) No item may be removed.
5) This list is meant for me only. It is not necessarily meant to benefit anyone else unless specifically stated in the list item (ex: Serve Thanksgiving dinner at a shelter, volunteer, etc). That being said I don't keep a "fuck" list so don't ask.
6) I set the rules. I don't let other people affect the list or my emotions in regards to the list. It makes me damn happy so don't hate!

So for instance one month I taught myself how to drive a motorboat. I went out on Redfish Lake alone. This is a huge feat for me and seeing as it was horrifyingly windy that day I feel it was a huge accomplishment. Oh and Oshi went too.

Sometimes they are simple tasks like go to the History Museum. By the way it is totally boring to go to the History Museum and take pictures of yourself. So task guests are always invited. And thanks to all who have participated with me (Laura, Sophie, Oshi, Family!!!). PS I had to stack like 20 kids blocks up and set an auto timer to get this gem.

Actually many thanks to Laura. January last year I decided I wanted to learn how to shoot a gun. I no longer want to learn how to shoot a gun. The list item started out positive...
with lots of excitement over the "cool" earmuffs and the super awesome glasses.
I couldn't control the gun. It kept pulling to the left. The place was super loud and disconcerting. I was horrified.
So horrified that for some reason I started to cry. Laura didn't want to take pictures but I forced her to document everything. I think its hilarious. I remembering yelling to Laura over the gunfire "Why am I crying?". She had no answer...there were no words, just one telling picture.
Of course I made up for it by shooting off a couple rounds at Pojo's.

Anyways I just wanted to share. In my next post I catch you up on this year now that you understand it all.