Sunday, January 31, 2010

#5 - The Fruit Loops Shoot

No better way to spend a Sunday than in a tub of fruit loops. This will be the third type of food I've kicked back in but the first one that involved a photo shoot.

The amazing Laura Haro took pictures for me as a Christmas present.

See we started selling this Unit shirt in PacSun that I thought was stupid (some naked girl in a bowl of cereal) and I told my manager that if we carried that shit (I mean shirt) then I should be able to wear one with my picture on it. Well she didn't think I would do I did. What follows are just a couple pictures from the shoot. I am wearing a bathing suit. Enjoy!!


  1. i love the one where your head is half under. did you put milk in the water? and you are crazy you know :) love you!

  2. Here are my favorites
    1) eating from bathtub
    2) head 1/2 way under
    3) shaking head with fuit loops on shoulder

    What are the possibilities of getting a shirt?

  3. Have you lost weight? You make those fruit loops look huge!!! OH and I bet your skin was crazy soft after your bath er breakfast er photo shoot er never mind...lov ya wendi

  4. get them out for the boys

  5. You should sue this Obama fraud ;) lol what's her name, Ghetto Green or something... ;) lol I linked to this page on that subject ;) She owes you credit for the idea I'm sure. ;(