Saturday, April 3, 2010

#7 Dating?

God its been awhile. New Zealand really revived me. So much so that I'm ready to make some changes. Alright so I might or might not have a date coming up sometime later this year.

And it got me thinking about all the horrible things that could happen.

I could get drunk....that's happened the last 3 first dates.

("mmmm...Bud Light")
I could lose all my manners. Very possible...I don't go on dates very often.

I could feel gaseous and make a horrible face trying to hold it in.

I could fall asleep. Anxiety makes me tired.

I could wake up and not realize that I have food on my face. I could also be wearing a fake sorority sweatshirt and look dumpy.

Once again I could drink too much.

I could try to be sexy and fail horribly wearing a tube top that makes me look slightly chunky. (But its still better than that sweater, right?)


I might get nervous and shake weight at the table.

("So nervous!!")

What if my family showed up?
("Well Hello!")

My date could like him more than me.
("My turn cousin, what?!")
("What's happening, Hot Stuff?")
Brad's stuff could pop out of his pants and he would notice.
My cousin could perform feats of daring putting me to shame.
And my worst fear my boob could pop's happened before. How could I not notice???

But mainly I worry that he won't think I'm funny.

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