Monday, April 18, 2011

Lessons to My Nieces #2: Underwear

I cannot stress enough the importance of good underwear. One morning you are going to wake up and realize that the only thing getting you out of bed is the fact that you have to pee. It is at this point that you will realize how valuable your collection of underwear is because despite how non-existent your love life is, how mind-numbing your daily routine is, or how disproportionate your breasts are, damn you look amazing in that underwear (btw my breast are perfectly proportionate).

So here is a little lesson in underwear: If you are well endowed do not even waste your time with anything but a thong. All of that fabric is just going to end up in between your bountiful buns so why not have a little ribbon instead of your grandma's clothesline up in there.

You know what how about you just watch the video:


  1. Sorry this isn't captioned. Anyone know how to caption these little home movies?

  2. oh becky :) oh mom. you guys are so cute at the end. also, i really like the blue polka-dotted ones in the last shot.
    good advice. i do hope merci, jen, and arden follow it.

  3. This is EXCELLENT! Very clever. I also agree... it was a treat to see your mom in the video, too.

  4. This was hysterical! I soooo enjoyed it!

  5. I laughed and I sweated, apparently that's what talking about your underwear does to me.
    Great use of ELO, btw- you know I love that song.
    I am most pleased with this and look forward to the day when we create something most magical.
    Also, I am now going through my underwear drawer, just because I'm married doesn't mean I have to look it. Thank you for putting the flame back in my marriage.

  6. Um, uh... I don't think you really want to caption this, do you? Does Merci really need to know how weird you are sis?
    By the way, I immediately noticed the typo that your breast (singular) were proportionate. Odd.